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les fraîches du québec

Hubert Cormier, Cynthia Dulude

Éliane Duquet, Alexandra Larouche

Eve Martel, Jessica Prudencio

Emile Roy


U-Pick Quebec strawberries and raspberries, 2019 season

social platforms/

YouTube, Instagram, Blog


Young Quebecers aged 25 to 35 willing to pay a fair price for local produce and to travel for the U-Pick experience with friends.


Continue the process of rejuvenating the U-Pick clientele

Position U-Pick fruit as an essential Quebec summer activity

Increase the number of visits to the site's U-Pick directory


Building on the success of Slingshot’s 2018 campaign, which generated an unprecedented increase in awareness for Les Fraîches du Québec, the 2019 campaign once again promotes U-Pick activities, this time through a greater number of content creators.

Seven creators, popular with Quebecers who follow them for their food and lifestyle recommendations, experienced the joy of this activity at seven different U-Pick farms.

Hubert Cormier, Éliane Duquet, Alexandra Larouche, Eve Martel and Jessica Prudencio shared their days on Instagram (photos and stories). The latter two also wrote their own blog posts about their experiences.

In addition, Cynthia Dulude shared her U-Pick outing as a vlog on YouTube

Lastly, Émile Roy promoted the U-Pick strawberries experience in his “L'été québécois en 30 étapes” YouTube video, a witty account of Quebecers’ summer habits.

reach /

50 000 YouTube views

30 000 likes on Instagram

285 000 Instastory openings