We guide our creators throughout the entirety of their activities

  • Content creation coaching together with advertisers and agencies;
  • YouTube channel development support;
  • Coaching for projects related to their channels, such as merchandise, meetups and traditional media projects;
  • Miscellaneous guidance and training (editing, accounting, etc.).

Our approach is tailored specifically for each client.

  • Identifying targets;
  • Influencer content strategy development;
  • Project management and campaign deployment;
  • Post-campaign follow-up.

About Slingshot

Created in 2015, Le Slingshot Studio now represents thirty or so of the most well-established YouTubers of Quebec in many areas of activity (fashion/beauty, gaming, travel, lifestyle, vlog, magic, etc.) The Studio’s creators have 6 M YouTube followers mainly between the ages of 13 and 34. Le Slingshot is a division of Attraction Media, a key player in Canadian content creation.